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As a result, it may still continue rising even if all other segments of the market have exited the ride.Of course, a sustained downside move heading toward the high single digits or beyond might suggest that something more than a short-term correction has materialized.How to gird yourself for the next stock market correction. but this is more about the correction,.Definition of Market correction in the Financial Dictionary.Thus, even if the decline in stocks is only minor at a handful of percentage points, stocks are overdue for such a move in the current market environment.

The exact nature of the decline including how stocks respond to important technical support levels will be key along the way in determining whether the bull market is finally drawing to a close and the next bear market is lurking not far behind.

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Putting this all together, we could see up to a -6.4% decline in stocks from current levels and the bull market uptrend would remain firmly intact.

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While the results between these two indices were highly correlated through the first quarter of the year, they have completely diverged since the beginning of April.

Additional disclosure: I am long stocks via the SPLV and XLU as well as selected individual names.Large caps and mid-caps had been moving in tandem throughout the year through the end of June.


That was seen in the 20% market correction in 2011, even as the market supposedly remained under the protection of the.

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With this said, a more significant correction beyond the mid single digit range to the downside warrants far greater scrutiny, as it may represent the very beginning of the end for the long running bull market.At first glance, it is reasonable to wonder why the topic of a stock market correction is garnering so much attention from the punditry.A market correction in the financial market is when there is a pullback in stock prices,.Moreover, bullishness among stock investors remains sufficiently strong at this point that even if we were to see a sustained correction, buyers would likely emerge to purchase the dips and reverse the downward trend at least on the first or second correction.Of course, none of this matters in the short-term as long as stocks continue to rise.

But even under the more dramatic correction scenario, stocks are likely to give investors at least one sizeable bounce higher before finally capitulating to the downside.Both major market measures had been moving in lockstep thus far in 2014 through late May save a brief downside spell for international stocks in March, but they have since split and the gap between the two continues to widen.There is no guarantee that the goals of the strategies discussed by Gerring Capital Partners will be met.

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Stocks have repeatedly bounced off of key technical levels such as the upward sloping 20-day, 50-day, 100-day and 150-day moving averages throughout the latest market rally that began at the start of 2013.

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Such is the nature of market topping processes and how bull markets end, and it will be key to monitor how the market behaves once some of these key technical levels are breached to determine whether a bull market top has finally been established or if the uptrend is poised to continue further.

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Siegel: Expect a stock market correction in 2015. CNBC. December 9, 2014. Reblog. During the Ebola scare, the stock market came close to a correction,.From there, the next stop is the critically important support level of the 200-day moving average currently at 1851, which represents a -6.4% drop from current levels.

What investors should do post a stock market correction. By. What investors should do post a stock market correction. The Economic Times.How should investors react once this correction finally takes place.While this does not necessarily ensure that a correction is imminent, such divergences between price and underlying technical readings often foreshadow that a pullback may be looming.

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For while stocks continue to levitate to new highs, a number of key technical readings including the Relative Strength Index (RSI), the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) and the Chaikin Money Flow have all been weakening over the last several weeks.

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In other words, a stock market correction can help the stock market catch its breath and hit even higher peaks.

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Corrections are generally temporary price declines interrupting an uptrend in the market or an asset.A correction has a shorter duration than a bear market or a.

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I also hold a meaningful allocation to cash at the present time.Market corrections can also take place in commodity or bonds markets.

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The author wrote this article themselves, and it expresses their own opinions.Market correction synonyms, Market correction pronunciation, Market correction translation, English dictionary definition of Market correction. n. 1.

The next stop would be a -3.6% drop to 1906 and the 100-day moving average, which has served as support on four separate occasions since the start of 2013.

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But what actions should investors take if any in anticipation of such a pullback.Here are six important things you really should know about a stock market correction. 1. The Motley Fool owns and.Investing for Beginners Value Investing Basics Stocks Bonds ETFs Mutual Funds Retirement Real Estate.Definition of market correction: A move in a stock,. market. Often this occurs because an investment is seen as over or undervalued.

Given how much the market has levitated in recent months, the pullback could gain some pace to the downside before we even begin to breach some of the key technical support levels in the current stock market uptrend.Even during the rosiest periods of stock market gains in 2013 and early 2014, stocks would endure periodic measurable corrections.A sustained correction in stocks is long overdue and may now be imminent in the coming days to weeks.This puts stocks on far unsteadier footing going forward in working to continue to maintain their move to the upside including the potential for greater volatility and price swings once the correction finally arrives.

Tagged: Macro View, Market Outlook, CFA charter-holders Want to share your opinion on this article.How far can we expect the stock market to fall once it finally arrives.A market correction is a rapid change in the nominal price of a commodity, after a barrier to free trade has been removed and the free market establishes a new.Gerring Capital Partners makes no explicit or implicit guarantee with respect to performance or the outcome of any investment or projections made.But this frequently discussed topic raises a number of additional important questions.