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If your business unit or location has policies that are more restrictive than the Code, follow the more restrictive policies.It consists of nine corporate policies, each designed to steer employee.

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Do not engage in financial crime or misappropriation — including embezzlement, kiting, float creation, forgery or other improper use of funds, property or other assets.Do not trade securities (including BMO securities) based on material, non public information - that is, information which could have a significant effect on the market price or value of a security.

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In general, rules of ethical conduct for persons serving the U.S. federal government are divided into two categories: elected members of Congress, and government.Accessing customer and employee information — access customer and employee information in BMO systems or other media only for legitimate business purposes.It is maintained by everyone associated with BMO Financial Group.

Harassment includes bullying and offensive or inappropriate language, as well as unwelcome, intimidating or humiliating behavior — intentional or not — that could reasonably be seen as demeaning to others and that undermines a safe, comfortable and productive workplace.DEFINITION In this document (Chapter 2 of the new Public Service Regulations, July 01 1999), any word or expression to which.

Do not use access to BMO information or other assets to personally benefit yourself or people to whom you are connected.All of our communications and interactions with our colleagues in the workplace should be respectful, professional and in accordance with the Code.At Mosaic, we take great pride in the work we do and the high standards we uphold.Do not send electronic solicitation messages to customers without their consent.


Principle 3 — Be true to the letter and the spirit of the law.

This Code of Business Conduct and Ethics applies to all Berkshire Hathaway directors, officers and employees, as well as to directors,.Ceridian employees operate under this code of conduct, out of commitment to our mission and values and because they are basis of sound business practices.Do not install unauthorized software or storage devices on BMO-owned computers and devices.Customers must not be told that their activities are being reported.

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Code of Conduct

Comply with governmental, legal and regulatory requirements and industry standards for each place BMO operates.

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Effective May 20, 2011 Code of Conduct Introduction First Quantum Minerals Ltd., its subsidiaries and the joint ventures we manage (collectively referred.

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The Code of Conduct provides general guidance on standards of conduct, including guidelines on conflict of interest, as well as requirements associated with.These values and principles are set out in our Code of Conduct.

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To ensure that all Rogers employees meet the highest standards of conduct and ethics, we honour a Rogers Business Conduct Policy.Cooperate fully with investigations, audits, examinations and reviews by BMO, governments, regulators and law enforcement agencies.

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